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April 12, 2018 - Six Projects Named GENIUS Olympiad Finalists

Update June 2018:

Medalist at final competition:

  • Rajiv Swamy and Rekha Swamy, Plano East Senior High; Silver
  • Sujai Hiremath, Plano East Senior High; Bronze
  • Dhruva Rao and Snehith Rayavaram, Plano East Senior High; Bronze
  • Nirvair Sangha, Plano East Senior High; Bronze

The GENIUS Olympiad is the international environmental project fair for grades 8-12. This competition is centered around environmental issues and is organized by Terra Science and Education and hosted by the State University of New York at Oswego. On March 27, the 2018 finalists were announced. Of the 413 projects selected internationally, 203 came from the United States, and six of those are from Plano ISD.


  • Eshan Chhabra, Plano Senior High School – Untapped Static: A New Paradigm for Energy
  • Sujai Hiremath, Plano East Senior High School – Improving Max Contraction, Exploring the Synergistic Effect, and Developing Electrical Control of Artificial Muscles
  • Vandan Patel and Nirvair (Nick) Sangha, Plano East Senior High School – Minimizing Deaths of the Avian Variety Related to the Use of Wind Turbines
  • Dhruva Rao and Snehith Rayavaram, Plano East Senior High School – Synthesis of Pedot: PSS/PVDF Based Piezoelectric Films for Medical Energy Harvesting Applications
  • Rajiv Swamy and Rekha Swamy, Plano East Senior High School – A Portable and Cost Effective Scio Powered NIR Spectroscopy Falsified Medicine Detection System
  • Alvin Ta and Shiva Teerdhala, Plano East Senior High School – Bacterial Catabolism of the Herbicide Atrazine: Bioremediation of Herbicide Contaminated Soil and a Solution to Groundwater Pollution

Complete list of finalists.

About the GENIUS Olympiad

The GENIUS Olympiad focuses on all aspects of global environmental issues with the following goals: to enable high school students around the world to cope with environmental problems, to elicit their abilities to produce solutions; to inspire high school students to contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment; to equip young generations with environmental consciousness; to provide a forum for youth from around the world to come together and share ideas; to inform the public about global environmental problems.

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