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April 5, 2018 - Superintendent Service Award Winners


Superintendent of Schools Sara Bonser is honored to announce the 2018 Superintendent’s Service Award winners. See photo gallery.

  • Kendal Corder, Plano Senior High Special Education Paraprofessional, counts smiling, even on a bad day, and being a role model for team members among her major accomplishments. She is described by her assistant principal as having a unique way of relating to students through her caring attitude, patience, initiative, motivation and quickly learned superior knowledge. She approaches her job in creative and innovative ways, setting high standards for herself and her students, and she constantly is broadening her knowledge, improving her skills and sharing all that she has learned with her peers. Ms. Corder has also been called a lifesaver—literally—when earlier this year, she applied the Heimlich Maneuver to rescue a nonverbal student who was choking and not breathing. She is a real-life super hero.
  • Lynne Crawford, Clark High School ISS Paraprofessional, says that she receives as much as she gives every day, as she guides students to be successful in both their personal and educational lives. Clark High School Principal Janis Williams says that Ms. Crawford provides a supportive, nurturing and safe place for student reflection, and she builds trusting relationships with students. Ms. Crawford is the epitome of an educator who sees the whole child and knows that we must not only teach students the curriculum, but we must support their social and emotional learning, as well. Lynne Clark has a heart and mind for students, and represents hope during a time when students need it the most.  
  • Silvia Garcia, Meadows Elementary School Parent Liaison, enjoys her position as parent liaison as it allows her to work closely with students' families, helping to meet their needs and making sure they feel welcome. Ms. Garcia works with local organizations to receive donations to ensure the basic needs of students are addressed each and every day. This includes their need for items such as shoes, clothing and food. She is diligent in identifying the families with the greatest needs and making sure each Friday these students are sent home with additional food for the weekend. The families at Meadows are grateful to Silvia Garcia for her dedication to providing invaluable support to the Meadows students and parents.
  • Christine Platt, Shepton High School Office Manager, cares for the staff, the campus and her responsibilities as she does her own children - with patience, persistence and a desire for excellence. Due to the Shepton High School renovations, her role as office manager has expanded to include being the construction coordinator, move master, key kiosk, furniture fanatic, portable planner, complaint counselor and much more. Yet, campus administrators and teachers say she happily fulfills those rolls with selflessness while continuing to support everyone else around her. Ms. Platt says one of her proudest accomplishments was being selected to serve on the 2010 Visionary Team that helped guide the creation of the Plano ISD Academy Programs. Christine Platt continually meets the demands of each day with a servant heart and smile on her face. 


 Superintendent Service Award winners with Board President and Superintendent

Board President Missy Bender, Lynne Crawford, Clark High School ISS Paraprofessional; Christine Platt, Shepton High School Office Manager; Kendal Corder, Plano Senior High Special Education Paraprofessional; Silvia Garcia, Meadows Elementary School Parent Liaison; and Superintendent Sara Bonser.

See photo gallery for more photos of the Superintendent's Service Award winners and nominees.