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April 5, 2018 - "Salute to Service" Employee Service and Retirement Banquet


Celebrating Plano ISD employee milestones, the 53rd Annual "Salute to Service" Employee Service & Retirement Banquet honored employees with 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service, retiring employees and Superintendent's Service Award nominees and winners. This year's banquet was held on Thursday, April 5 at Southfork Ranch. Video playlist (1 hour, 23 minutes).

See photo galleries of photos shared by employees and event photos.

Steve Thomas, Beverly ES Retiree - 51 years of service

Steve Thomas, Beverly Elementary PE teacher is retiring after 51 years in public education. Mr. Thomas received a standing ovation at the banquet and is pictured above with Beverly PE Teacher Kristen Perry.

Retiring Employees

  • Debbie Andrews - Paraprofessional, Hightower Elementary School
  • Christine Barrantes - Instructional Specialist, Mendenhall Elementary School
  • Susan Barshop - Counselor, Rice Middle School
  • Yvonne Bone - Special Education Teacher, Wilson Middle School
  • Kimberly Bowen - History Teacher, Wilson Middle School
  • Julia Brooks - Physical Therapist, Itinerant Special Education
  • Marsha Burger - Nurse, Hughston Elementary School
  • Tricia Cannon - Teacher, Plano Senior High School
  • Elaine Copeland - Projects Specialist, Instructional Technology
  • Charles Culpepper - Bus Driver, Transportation Services
  • Glenn Davis - Associate Principal, Plano Senior High School
  • Ricky Dickson - Driver, Technology Operations
  • Dan Downs - Foreman, Distribution Center
  • Carmen Eriksson - Office Manager, Vines High School
  • Barbara Fox - Nurse, Frankford Middle School
  • Anna Genkin - Special Education Assistant, McCall Elementary School
  • Nadine Harris - Science Teacher, Vines High School
  • Alice Hembree - First Grade Teacher, Thomas Elementary School
  • Thomas P. Henderson - Teacher, Bird Special Programs Center
  • Phillis Johnson - Science Teacher, Rice Middle School
  • David J. Kaszynski - Bus Assistant, Transportation Services
  • Joe Knight - Bus Driver, Transportation Services
  • Paula Kob - Supervisor, Food and Nutritional Services
  • Cecilia Kwan - ESL Specialist, Daffron Elementary School
  • Valerie LeBeau - Teacher, Wilson Middle School
  • Nancy Lewis - Social Studies Teacher, Plano West Senior High School
  • Marcia Mauch - Teacher, Head Start
  • Ron Ohlig - Science Teacher, Otto Middle School
  • Diana Ostrovich - Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, Special Education Services
  • Patricia Rankin - Counselor, Daffron Elementary School
  • Reba Roberson - Assistant Principal, Clark High School
  • Sam Roberson - English Teacher, Vines High School
  • Adrian Rodriguez - Behavior Specialist, Bowman Middle School
  • Patti A. Saucier - Counselor, Clark High School
  • Catherine Shepheard - Counselor, Wilson Middle School
  • Susan Simpson - Instructional Specialist, Mendenhall Elementary School
  • Cynthia Smith - ESL Specialist, Memorial Elementary School
  • Nancy Sowards - Second Grade Teacher, Aldridge Elementary School
  • Stephen Thomas - Teacher/Coach, Beverly Elementary School and Plano Senior High School
  • Kim Thompson - Receptionist, Wilson Middle School
  • Bonnie Turnbo - Family & Consumer Science Teacher, Plano Senior High School
  • Rajee Venkataraman - Campus Technology Assistant, Hendrick Middle School
  • Sandra A. Welsh - Office Manager, Clark High School
  • Wade Welsh - Special Education Teacher, Bowman Middle School
  • Kathie Williams - Teacher, Bowman Middle School

Superintendent's Service Award Nominees and Winners

Photo Gallery

Honored along with the many retirees and service pin recipients were the Superintendent's Service Award nominees and the four Superintendent's Service Award winners for 2018. Read more about these exceptional employees.

  • Kendal Corder, Plano Senior High School special education paraprofessional
  • Lynne Crawford, Clark High School ISS paraprofessional
  • Silvia Garcia, Meadows Elementary parent liaison
  • Christine Platt, Shepton High School office manager 

Superintendent's Service Award Nominees

  • Marie Abukar - Campus Technology Assistant, Wells Elementary School;
  • Estela Alvarado - Receptionist, Administration Center
  • Galexia Austin - Assistant Special Education, Armstrong Middle School
  • Mara Balladares - Office Manager, Sigler Elementary School
  • Claudia Espindola Betancourt - Assistant Bilingual, Barron Elementary School
  • Christine Borghi - Assistant Special Education, Jackson Elementary School
  • Cecilia Butler - Parent Liaison, Memorial Elementary School
  • Leo Cervantes - Assistant Special Education, Williams High School
  • Sharon Condon - Assistant Special Education, Hunt Elementary School
  • Kendal Corder - Assistant Special Education, Plano Senior High School
  • Lynne Crawford - ISS Assistant, Clark High School
  • Mina Custer - Office Manager, Haggar Elementary School
  • Susan Edwards - Office Manager, Jasper High School
  • Jessica Eriksson - Assistant Special Education, Bowman Middle School
  • Gloria Ervin - Campus Technology Assistant, Rasor Elementary School
  • Vicky Estrada - Cafeteria Manager, Boggess Elementary School
  • Silvia Garcia - Parent Liaison, Meadows Elementary School
  • Lan Hardy - Campus Technology Assistant, Mendenhall Elementary School
  • Dante Harris - ISS Assistant, Haggard Middle School
  • Michelle Heitter - Cafeteria Manager, Wyatt Elementary School
  • Tressa Hubbard - Assistant Special Education, Christie Elementary School
  • Seemab Jamil - Assistant Special Education, Haun Elementary School
  • Alexandra Juarez - Human Resource Specialist, Human Resources
  • Linda Lorber - Cafeteria Manager, Food & Nutritional Services / Haun Elementary School
  • Carmen Modest - Office Manager, Memorial Elementary School
  • Robby Moy - Assistant Special Education, Clark High School
  • Yadira Navarro - Assistant PPCD, Beaty Early Childhood School
  • Josh Patton - Assistant Special Education, Jasper High School
  • Ruben Pineda - Special Projects Technology Operations, Shiloh Deployment Center
  • Christine Platt - Office Manager, Shepton High School
  • Dalia Pliley - Office Manager, Bethany Elementary School
  • Linda Reeves - Counselor Clerk, Murphy Middle School
  • Lisa Richardson - Assistant Special Education, Carlisle Elementary School
  • Esther Roady - Office Manager, Wells Elementary School
  • Hilda Rodriguez - Bilingual Assistant, Daffron Elementary School
  • Kathy Rolland - Assistant PE, Bethany Elementary School
  • Christine Sanchez - Campus Secretary, Hedgcoxe Elementary School
  • Andreana Scott - Assistant Special Education, Centennial Elementary School
  • Nyla Stanley - Assistant Special Education, Clark High School
  • Rob Swartzendruber - Campus Technology Assistant, Robinson Middle School
  • Cherie Tipsword - Secretary, Mathews Elementary School
  • Paola Trujillo - Assistant, Head Start
  • Christi Van Laere - Counselor Clerk, Otto Middle School
  • Barbara Wahl - Office Manager, Schimelpfenig Middle School
  • James Walker - Campus Technology Assistant, Administration Center
  • Tina Wunker - Office Manager, Wilson Middle School
  • William Youngblood - Campus Technology Assistant, Saigling Elementary School