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Jun. 17, 2018 - Plano West Team Wins National Whiz Quiz Championship

The Plano West Senior High School team won the 2018 Orlando Whiz Quiz championship competition on June 17. Whiz Quiz is an academic competition that rewards knowledge and speed. Teams are quizzed on literature, humanities, math, science, history, geography and more buzzing in to answer questions. 

The Plano West team, as the Orlando Champions, were invited by the Whiz Quiz organization to compete against the Washington D.C., Chicago and New Orleans champions at this event winning the overall 2018 National Whiz Quiz championship. "The first time any team has won both the High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT) and the National Whiz Quiz Championship back to back," said Charles Beall, founder of the Whiz Quiz competition. In 1995, the Plano East Senior High team made it to the finals, but Plano West is the first Plano school to win the national title.  

Special congratulations to 2018 graduating senior Jaskaran Singh (holding trophy in the photo below) who won Most Valuable Player (MVP) for most points scored overall at the tournament. He will be entered into the Whiz Quiz Hall of Fame. According to Beall “The last time we had a deserving candidate inducted was four years ago.”  

Dr. Phillip Stager, Whiz Quiz sponsor at Plano West, and the Plano West students and staff are very proud of the team's hard won accomplishment.


Plano West Whiz Quiz team with trophy

Dachey Lin, senior; Anish Yellaturu, senior; Avi Ackermann, junior, back row; Dr. Phillip Stager, team sponsor; Jaskaran Singh, senior (MVP & Hall of Fame); Ryan Conti, junior (back row); Abhinav Godavarthi, junior and Thomas Gioia, senior (not pictured).