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Sept. 7, 2018 - Superintendent Sara Bonser Named "Girl Boss" by Plano Magazine

Sara Bonser, Plano ISD superintendent of schools, is one of nine women honored as a "Girl Boss" in 2018 by Plano Magazine. Past Girl Boss recipients from Plano ISD have included Lynn Ojeda principal of the Plano ISD Academy High School in 2016 and Missy Bender board president in 2017. A Girl Boss" is nominated for the honor and according to Plano Magazine, "Each of the nine women profiled in this year’s issue has found a unique way to use her time and talents to make Plano one of the best places to live or visit. They share grit and determination and a willingness to put others before themselves." According to Plano Magazine "Sara finds strength in her team.” In Sara’s words, “The role of superintendent is about more than just one person. It is a heartfelt promise by our district and community to our children, and the superintendent is the promise keeper."

As the district's first female superintendent, Ms. Bonser makes her community proud. She's been on her journey as an educator for the past 28 years (18 of those years in Plano ISD), beginning her career as a Shepton High School teacher and as a principal of Williams High School before leaving to pursue leadership roles in Rockwall ISD. In 2017, Ms. Bonser came home to Plano ISD to serve as interim deputy superintendent in May 2017 and as interim superintendent in November 2018, and she currently serves as the Plano ISD superintendent of schools since April of 2018.

Plano girls have a new role model in town, someone who finds strength in her team and isn't afraid to challenge us to live up to her high expectations. "It takes courage to ask the questions, to seek the answers, and to take action to ensure student success in all its many forms. The students are counting on us," she said during her Welcome Home Keynote.

Named as one of the nine "Girl Boss 2018" by Plano Magazine, and as the first female superintendent in Plano, Sara Bonser sets the bar high for herself, her team and for Plano girls.