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Mar. 1, 2019 - Texas Department of Agriculture Honors Plano ISD Food and Nutritional Services as "Best of the Bunch"

For the second consecutive year, the Plano ISD food and nutritional services department has received the "Best of the Bunch Award" in the Texas Department of Agriculture’s (TDA) Farm Fresh Challenge.

Every October, participating schools incorporate more Texas products in school meals and provide memorable lessons about healthy lifestyles and Texas agriculture. Best of the Bunch Award winners have met the highest standards of the Farm Fresh Challenge and have showcased extraordinary commitment to Texas agriculture. In addition to the month of October, Plano ISD food and nutritional service employees continue to educate students on the importance of Texas-grown foods by incorporating local ingredients into menus on a daily basis.

Award plaque and certificate

“Texas agriculture offers something local for any meal or menu, and when schools serve that food in the cafeteria, families are more likely to put it on the table at home,” Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said. “When a school meal includes products like citrus, lean beef or low-fat milk from Texas, it provides a lesson in healthy eating that lasts a lifetime and an economic boost that benefits the entire community.”

In Texas, more than 54 million meals are served during the month-long challenge, which encourages each district’s efforts to keep their buying power close to home and support local economies and businesses.

Farm Fresh Challenge state-wide participation increased 29 percent from 2017 to 2018, with more than 230 school districts participating in 2018.