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About PE

Our Physical Education program presents a variety of activities that teach fitness, basic skills, rhythms/dance, and sports that are appropriate for each grade level. A balance between fitness activities and skill teaching is maintained throughout the school year.

We know a well planned physical education program will result not only in physical fitness, but also in a more positive self-image, more desirable social behavior, and the joy of feeling healthy. Your child will also realize the positive impact good health has on life. By following the safety standards, expectations, and class rules found below, your child will have an enjoyable physical education experience.

Water Bottles: Please send a water bottle with your child that they may bring to PE. It is extremely hot in the beginning/ending of the school year and students must have a way to replenish their water. Students are capable of getting water during class any time the music is on and we are participating in the activity of the day. We recommend putting your child’s name on the bottle to avoid confusion. We have outdoor water bottle filling stations available and students are capable of refilling their water bottle before or after class.

Clothing: Students need comfortable clothing that will allow them to move freely, jump, roll, throw, etc.

Shoes/safety: Our first priority is working to keep your child safe and injury free. Shoes should be comfortable and allow them to run and stop (not slip) without falling. A sneaker or athletic type shoe is preferred. On picture days, field trips, etc. we will provide activities that allow students to dress up and still participate. Flip-flops, heels, and crocs are shoes we consider unsafe. Shoes with slippery hard soles cause students to slip and fall, so we will limit activity for students who are not wearing proper footwear.

Students are more than welcome to bring a pair of tennis shoes and change into them before/after PE

Participation: Participation is mandatory unless a note from a parent, doctor, etc. indicates otherwise for a period of time. Please be sure that we are made aware (in writing) of any modifications that need to be made to your child’s participation. A parent note is valid for 5 days and then a doctor's note is needed in order to not participate for longer time period. A note to the teacher, nurse, or office will be forwarded to us and will suffice. NOTE: While participation is mandatory, your child will never be required to participate beyond their physical ability to do so safely. They will be encouraged to do their best!