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Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up


  • Morning carpool will have two drop-off points.
  • Afternoon carpool will only utilize the west carpool lane.
  • All west carpool traffic should make right turns only into the carpool lane. Left turns into the carpool lane are illegal and subject to a very expensive fine.
  • All west carpool traffic should make left turns only when exiting in the morning.
  • East carpool traffic is encouraged to make a right turn when exiting, although it is not restricted at this time.
  • Both carpool lines are single file only. Please pull up to the designated mark before picking up or dropping off children.
  • Watch the Safety Patrol children who are there to assist in the morning.
  • All teachers at Bethany are on carpool duty after school. We pride ourselves in making sure all children are safe.
  • Students will be lined up by grade and by teacher in order from the K sidewalk to the front door walkway. Older children picking up younger siblings will be asked to wait with the younger siblings class.
  • Students in the younger grades (K-2) must always tell their teacher before they leave with the person taking them home.
  • The carpool form provided in your registration packet is for you to write the names of your carpoolers and to display in the FRONT PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW each afternoon. By displaying the names of the children, staffers will learn who belongs in which car. The afternoon pick-up will go much faster and smoother with the use of the carpool forms.

Thanks for your compliance and cooperation with these guidelines as our first priority is always the safety of our students!