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Speech & Debate: 31st Grapevine Classic Tournament Results

September 6-7, 2019

109 schools competed at the 31st Grapevine Classic Tournament held on September 6-7. Congratulations to the following students.

Plano East Senior High School Results

  • Nevin Gera, Lincoln-Douglas debate, National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC) qualified - third place
  • Vibha Chemangunta, original oratory, qualified to Texas Forensic Association (TFA) state and NIETOC - fourth place
  • Saharsh Dasari, U.S. extemporaneous speaking - sixth place and congress - tenth place, qualified to TFA state 
  • Shriya Bhat, original oratory, earned a NIETOC bid - sixth place 
  • Neha Donthineni, original oratory, earned a NIETOC bid - semifinals
  • Anika Mukherjee, program of oral interpretation - semifinals
  • Vibha Chemangunta, informative speaking - semifinals
  • Tiffany Hwang, informative speaking - semifinals
  • Pratyush Mallick, informative speaking- semifinals
  • Avi Thakor, finternational extemporaneous speaking - semifinals


PESH students: Nevin Gera, Saharsh Dasari, Vibha Chemangunta, Shriya Bhat

Pictured with their plaques are Plano East students: top left Nevin Gera, top right Saharsh Dasari, bottom left Vibha Chemangunta and bottom right Shriya Bhat.

Plano Senior High School Results

During this competition, 14 Plano Senior High students made the semifinal round in their respective events and nine made the final round of competition.

  • Ben Ai, congressional debate - fifth place
  • Isabelle Azmoodeh, program oral interpretation - third place
  • Jishnu Basu, U.S. extemporanious speaking - fifth place
  • Rohan Chhaya, international extemporanious speaking - fifth place
  • Julia Lin,  informative speaking - first place and original oratory - first place
  • Anuj Trivedi, congressional debate - ninth place; foreign extemporanious speaking - first place; and outstanding presiding officer
  • Vivian Zhao, congressional debate - eighth place

Plano Senior High tournament winners with plaques

Pictured with their plaques are Plano Senior High students: top left - Julia Lin; top right - Isabelle Azmoodeh; bottom row - Rohan Chhaya; Jishnu Basu; and Anuj Trivedi.

Plano West Senior High School

Plano West Senior High School won first place sweepstakes for the third consecutive year.

  • Nihar Annam, public forum debate - octofinals (silver bid) 
  • Tejas Bansal, congressional debate - fourth place
  • Michael Chen, world, schools - quarterfinals
  • Edison Huang, public forum debate - quarterfinals (gold bid) 
  • Rohan Kamalakatha, world schools - quarterfinals
  • Aditya Kumar, U.S. extemporanious speaking - third place
  • Renne Li, public forum debate - first place (gold bid)
  • Daniel Liang, public forum debate - quarterfinals (gold bid) 
  • Srikar Mamillapalli, congressional debate - seventh place; U.S. congressional debate, top 3 presiding officer; extemporanious speaking - fourth place
  • Alyssa Nie, public forum debate - dubs
  • Pranav Pattatathunaduvil, international extemporanious speaking - second place
  • Faiza Rahman, congressional debate, top 3 presiding officer
  • Emily Ren, informative speaking - fifth place
  • Andy Shufer, world schools - quarterfinals
  • Donovan Spall, public forum debate - semifinals (gold bid) 
  • Jennifer Su, original oratory - fifth place
  • Angela Wang, public forum debate - octofinals (silver bid), congressional debate - third place, U.S. extemporanious speaking - second place
  • Lillian Ye, public forum debate - first place (gold bid)
  • Angela Yi, public forum debate - dubs
  • Yizhen Zhen, public forum debate - semifinals (gold bid)