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Harrington Elementary Internationally Recognized as PLC Model School

October 3, 2022

In fall 2019, Harrington Elementary began a new professional learning community (PLC) journey. This journey has reshaped the work teachers do to drive student success.  The Harrington staff regularly came together and shared their learning, collaborative teams continued to develop an understanding of which processes have the most immediate impact on students’ learning and any needed campus adjustments. The Harrington Huskies stay committed to reflection, refinement, and improvement of their practices to positively impact all student learning and growth. On this three-year journey, the staff adjusted their sails to stay aligned with their mission of educating and inspiring lifelong learners every day, in every way. Harrington teachers deeply understand and own that a PLC is not what we do, but who we are. Congratulations to the staff and students of Harrington Elementary on receiving this prestigious award of being recognized as an Internationally Recognized PLC Model School.

Harrington Elementary staff posing with PLC banner and board recognition certificate

Back row:  Laura Retta, Krista Benson, Brenda Thompson, Amy Taggart, Molly Davis, Mary Swinton, Ashley Daniels, Julie Weaver, Robyn Regan.
Front row: Corinne Dias, Sydni Sonnier, Julie Krupa, Becky Newcomer, Kayla Casillas, Jacye Jamar, Ashley Duehr, Rachel Barnard, Linda Culbreth, Lauren Canfield.