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Practicum of Education & Training Students Earn CTE Certificates of Achievement

May 23, 2023

11 graduating seniors were honored by Plano ISD Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Human Resources for their successful completion of the Plano ISD CTE Education and Training program of study. Students were presented with a certificate of achievement and a letter guaranteeing an interview and job placement assistance for employment as an educational aide or teacher in Plano ISD after completion of certification requirements. Some of the students recognized were also honored for signing up for Plano ISD's new Quality Education for Successful Teaching (QuEST) program.

Honorees include:

Plano West Senior High School

  • Abigail Bauer
  • Hannah Bryant

image of plano west students and district administrators

Alex Ritter (CTE Coordinator), Karen Buechman (CTE Director), Chris Lillie (Director of Elementary Staffing, Lisa Wilson (Deputy Superintendent), Abigaile Bauer,  Dr. Theresa Williams (Superintendent), Hannah Bryant, Natalie Driskill ( PWSHS Teacher and Preschool Director)

Plano Senior High School

  • Marley Chance
  • Gracelyn Davis
  • Taylor Ramsey
  • Sarah Randall
  • Maggie Wilhite
  • Grace Wilson

image of pshs students with campus principal and teacher

Jeff Banner (PSHS Principal), Stephanie Milby (PSHS Preschool Director), Maggie Wilhite, Sarah Randall, Gracelyn Davis, Marley Chance, Taylor Ramsey, Grace Wilson, Laura Kenney (PSHS Education & Training Teacher)

Plano East Senior High School

  • Saim Khawaja
  • Ryan Triolet
  • Makenzie Word

image of PESH students with teachers

Karen Fletcher (PESHS Education & Training Teacher), Ryan Triolet, Makenzie Word, Sam Khawaja, Cynthia McCutchan (Preschool Director)