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SEL Kindness Card 2021 Contest Winner, Finalists and Semifinalists Announced

November 9, 2021

Congratulations to all of the students who entered the 2021 Plano ISD Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Kindness Card Contest. The contest is designed to support the social emotional learning educational goals of the district.  Each of the finalists’ designs will be printed as note and thank you cards to be used throughout the year by Plano ISD School Board members and cabinet members. View slide show of entries submitted by the winner, finalists and semifinalists.

Overall Winner 

  • Evanna Baskharoon, 5th grade, Hedgcoxe Elementary

Artwork by 2021 winner

Contest winning artwork by Hedgcoxe Elementary 5th grade student Evanna Baskharoon



  • Adhesh Naveen, 2nd grade Gulledge Elementary 
  • Evanna Baskharoon, 5th grade, Hedgcoxe Elementary
  • Aditi Patel, 7th grade, Murphy Middle School
  • Anusha Patil, 9th grade, Clark High School 

Grades K-2 Semifinalists 

  • Akhila Kilari, 1st grade, Hightower Elementary 
  • Viraj Kalra, 1st grade, Virtual Academy
  • Jordyn Harris, 2nd grade, Weatherford Elementary 
  • Zoe Mao 2nd grade, Skaggs Elementary
  • Isabella Zhao, 2nd grade, Beverly Elementary
  • Allye Lopez, 2nd grade, Centennial Elementary
  • Sholk Gajakosh, 1st grade, Skaggs Elementary
  • Riyana Arnan, 2nd grade, Skaggs Elementary 
  • Subanithaa Senthilkumar, 2nd grade, Gulledge Elementary
  • Knox Lamb, Kindergarten, Barksdale Elementary
  • Adhesh Naveen, 2nd grade, Gulledge Elementary
  • Griffin Thomas Shadhrach, 2nd grade, Stinson Elementary

Grades 3-5 Semifinalists 

  • Evanna Baskharoon, 5th grade, Hedgcoxe Elementary
  • Prashanrh Samiksha, 5th grade, Gulledge Elementary 
  • Ava Tschantz, 5th grade, Barksdale Elementary
  • Elim Wong, 5th grade, Mathews Elementary
  • Khushpreet Hari, 4th grade, Schell Elementary
  • Ahmad Fawadkhetvan, 5th grade, Gulledge Elementary
  • Megha Agarwal, 5th grade, Barksdale Elementary
  • Mahathi Soundar, 5th grade, Skaggs Elementary 
  • Lily Roby, 5th grade, Bethany Elementary
  • Aagam Parikh, 5th grade, Hightower Elementary
  • Rishaan Gandhi, 4th grade, Gulledge Elementary
  • Mahaal Abid, 5th grade, Hunt Elementary

Grades 6-8 Semifinalists 

  • Nandini Karthik, 8th grade, Rice Middle School
  • Aditi Patel, 7th grade, Murphy Middle School
  • Ayushmaan Bisht, 8th grade, Frankford Middle School
  • Annaly Nguyen, 7th grade, Frankford Middle School 
  • Aika Saadiq, 7th grade, Wilson Middle School 
  • Lillian Kirkland, 7th grade, Robinson Middle School
  • Ida Zou, 8th grade, Rice Middle School
  • Raneem Khoja, 7th grade, Rice Middle School 
  • Wing Hay Tam, 6th grade, Robinson Middle School 
  • Nicole Kim, 7th grade, Rice Middle School
  • Anaya Srivatsan, 8th grade, Rice Middle School 
  • Kathy Xia, 8th grade, Rice Middle School 

Grades 9-12 Semifinalists 

  • Enqi Wang, 10th grade, Williams High School
  • Anusha Patil, 9th grade, Clark High School
  • Ethan Otillio, 9th grade, Vines High School
  • Ric Austine Donayre, 10th grade, Vines High School 
  • Ayah Shalabi, 12th grade, Plano East Senior High School
  • Taarena Rathore, 10th grade, McMillen High School 
  • Gianna Menditto, 10th grade, Vines High School 
  • Samantha Tucker, 10th grade, Shepton High School
  • Sabrina Jing, 9th grade, Williams High School
  • Lana Nguyen,10th grade, McMillen High School
  • Eesha Gundam, 10th grade, Jasper High School
  • Grace Xu, 12th grade, Plano Senior High  

The Plano ISD Education Foundation is generously providing prizes. The overall winner will receive a $100 check and the category/group finalists will be awarded certificates and a $50 check. 

Thank you to our judges, Supertintent Sara Bonser, Chief Operating Officer Dr. Theresa Williams, Senior Executive Director of the Plano ISD Education Foundation Jamee Jolly, and Director, Family and Social Services Sharon Bradley for their time and careful selection of the semifinalists, finalists and winner of the 2021 Kindness Card contest.