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Plano ISD Props Pass - Thank You Plano ISD Community


Three Propositions Passed by Plano ISD Residents

Preliminary election results show that Plano ISD voters approved a majority of the district's nearly $1.5 billion bond referendum. The Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE), Proposition A, was also approved and will add an additional $9 million annually to the operating budget. The passing of Bond Propositions B and C represent $1,346,426,000 of the total proposed bond package of $1,495,638,000. This is an exciting day for the students and staff of Plano ISD and I want to thank you for being a vital part of our efforts to share information with the greater Plano ISD community. 

“I am so grateful for our community’s continued support of Plano ISD. Our residents have a long history of investing in students and schools—ensuring that Plano ISD remains a premier district,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Theresa Williams.

“We take our responsibility to serve our community very seriously and we are committed to allocating every dollar as wisely and efficiently as possible,” she said. “We look forward to updating our schools and facilities, adding additional safety measures, building a much needed CTE center and replacing all of our playgrounds so they are ADA accessible. These are just a few of the items that our voters believe to be important for the future of our schools. Our Future Forward Task Force focused on a bond program to ensure continued excellence in Plano ISD, and I thank our voters for helping us deliver on the promise of excellence that our students and staff deserve.”     

For nearly a century, the Plano ISD community has shown a deep commitment to Plano schools. This election marks the 26th bond referendum passed by Plano ISD voters since 1923. 

“Seeing results like this makes me so proud to be a part of the Plano ISD community and the Plano ISD Board of Trustees,” said School Board President David Stolle. “As a board, our priorities include creating safe and secure spaces where our students can learn and finding ways to appropriately fund our schools and programs. With passage of these propositions, we will be able to continue delivering on these priorities. On behalf of the board, I’d like to thank everyone who made time to vote, and to thank our community for passing these propositions. Plano ISD is committed to excellence and tonight’s election results shows our community is too. ”

Due to the district’s strong fiscal management practices, Plano ISD has been able to maintain the second-lowest property tax rate among Collin County school districts, and the district’s total tax rate has decreased each year since 2019. Because payments on existing debt are declining as old debt is being paid off, the school district can issue these new bonds without a tax rate increase, based on current interest and tax base growth models.

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