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Plano ISD Council of PTAs Announces 2023 Honorary Life Members

April 6, 2023

The Plano ISD Council of PTAs announced the Honorary Life Members during a banquet on Monday, April 3, 2023. 

The event combined two council events, the banquet and vendor fair, into one, and recognized Honorary Life Members and Extended Service Award recipients for being bestowed with one of the highest community volunteer awards available. The award honors volunteers who have selflessly committed time to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. 

Life Membership Award

Dr. Theresa Williams-Plano ISD Superintendent

superintendent williams accepting award from plano pta council president ross cornell

Extended Service Award

Hillary Leverton-Stinson Elementary School

Tamberly Guillory-Murphy Middle School

Erin Griffin-McMillen High School

Amy Johnson-Plano East Senior High School

Erica Johnson-Plano East Senior High School

Paula Heston-Plano East Senior High School

Angie McGee-Davis Elementary School

Mary Ring-Saigling Elementary School

Dr. Tierney Thompson-Clark High School

Erin Pietrasik-Academy High School

Christie Patterson-Plano Senior High School

Katy White-Centennial Elementary School

Hilary Dietz-Frankford Middle School

Heather Coleman-Jasper High School

Vanessa Eckroat-Shepton High School

Lisa Stelter-Shepton High School

Benet Martin-Plano West Senior High School

PTA Extended Service Award honorees on stage

Life Membership Award (East Cluster)

McCall Elementary

  • Alex Casado
  • Audrey Daniels
  • Nicole Queen

Boggess Elementary

  • Kathryn Fix
  • Mindee Gilbert
  • Laurie Maddux
  • Harold White

 Dooley Elementary

  • Anna Buckhalter
  • Kevin Buckhalter
  • Gail Blessing
  • Brenda Cisneros
  • Ember Deibler

Hickey Elementary

  • Maricela Callan
  • Kathia Rodriguez
  • Kayla Wharton

Hunt Elementary

  • Jennifer Grether
  • Jennifer Lewis-Plake

Stinson Elementary

  • Amy Alexander
  • Cathy Caldwell
  • Julie Thrift 

Armstrong Middle

  • Steven Kalinich
  • Robin Nguyen

Bowman Middle

  • Alissa Benoit
  • Brittany Castillo
  • Anna Killebrew
  • Jennifer Pilcic

Murphy Middle

  • Vernadeth Franco
  • Lisa McClintic

Otto Middle

  • Elaine Lackland
  • Amy Robinson
  • Aida Somun

McMillen High

  • Lori Lysobey
  • Abby Vincent

Williams High

  • Alexandria Jackson

Life Membership Award (Senior Cluster)

Aldridge Elementary

  • Tracy Baker
  • Leslie Martin
  • Tiffany Strasner

Bethany Elementary

  • Anna Hulse
  • Rebecca Vanderbrook

Beverly Elementary

  • Jennifer Allison
  • Ivana Braya
  • Whitney Truong

Carlisle Elementary

  • Rebecca Cabrera
  • An Pham

Christie Elementary

  • Elizabeth Martinez
  • Danyelle Pendleton

Davis Elementary

  • Vina Ngo

Harrington Elementary

  • Shayla Holub
  • Rachel Barnard

Hughston Elementary

  • Lisa Frizzell
  • Elena Helms
  • Carrie Hulcy
  • Aime Traynor

Jackson Elementary

  • Rachel Adams
  • Catherine LaChey

Mathews Elementary

  • Scarlette Cassedy
  • Asheley Dansbee
  • Olga Oleksyuk

Saigling Elementary

  • Kerigan Patak

Shepard Elementary

  • Molly Englerth
  • Andrea Fiero
  • Kathy Lin-Sanavong
  • Hector Villanueva

Sigler Elementary

  • Wendy Belt
  • Brandee Dewberry
  • Sany Nachman

Thomas Elementary

  • Jada Watson

Weatherford Elementary

  • Sarah Kirsey
  • Angela Wilson

Carpenter Middle

  • Michelle Oehler
  • Lindsay Robinson

Haggard Middle

  • Lindi Buscetta
  • Carrie Weaver

Hendrick Middle

  • Becky Dwyer
  • Denise Menard
  • Anna Wright

Schimelpfenig Middle

  • Colleen Tiller
  • Kristin Zhang

Wilson Middle

  • Don King
  • Jeanette Rogers
  • Sofia Velazquez

Clark High 

  • Harold Nuttall
  • Mikel Salsgiver
  • Jada Watson

Vines High

  • Lindsey Holm
  • Maggie Lee
  • Chris Martin

Academy High

  • Michael Hardy

Plano Senior High

  • Erin Street
  • Robert Watson

Life Membership Award (West Cluster)

Andrews Elementary

  •  Sonia Ahuja
  • Rebecca Anderson
  • Lisa Younger

Barksdale Elementary

  • Erica Goodlin
  • Karin Nayar
  • Eddy Segura Pena
  • Laura Schnitzer

Brinker Elementary

  • Julie Chisum
  • Merina Kovoor
  • Chris Ortiz
  • Christina Stelzl

Centennial Elementary 

  • Michelle Brock
  • Luisa Carrizales
  • Carla Corzine
  • Michelle Massaro
  • Melody Michael

Gulledge Elementary

  • Andrea Cunningham
  • Sheetal Gandhi
  • Briget Holdridge

Haun Elementary

  • Rachael Maddin
  • Angie Pompey
  • Jessica Rhodes

Hightower Elementary

  • Laura Adcock
  • Bryan Crowson
  • Paula Fierro
  • Jamie Lowe
  • Holly Lyons

Huffman Elementary

  • Callie Anthony
  • Cassie Clair
  • Suzie Prizer
  • Jenny Stover

Mitchell Elementary

  • Karen Maddox
  • Heather Resneder

Skaggs Elementary

  • Ilene Baumel
  • Jackie Edwards
  • Christy James

Wyatt Elementary

  • Marylee Grounds
  • Laura Johnston
  • Alyson Pawlik
  • Lilah Vaks

Frankford Middle

  • Rosie Rodriguez
  • Thomas Rooklidge

Renner Middle

  • Robin Henne
  • Louis Lantiere
  • Neelima Singh

Rice Middle

  • Jordan Cole
  • Gabby Ortega
  • Shelly Rogers
  • Sheila Underwood

Robinson Middle

  • Natasha Jankauskas
  • Brittany Liu
  • Tamassan Murph

Jasper High

  • Karen Checkon
  • Wendy Song

Shepton High

  • Laura Williams

Plano West Senior High

  • Daniel Cox