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Computer Science: Digital Divas Competition Results

February 24, 2021

The Digital Divas 2021 computer programming competition took place on Saturday, February 13, 2021. This is an annual all-girls' programming contest and workshop for grades six to twelve presented by the Dallas Ft. Worth Computer Science Teachers Association. 

Plano East 2013 alumna Kayla McEwon served as the keynote speaker at the event. She was a member of the computer science club and competed in several programming competitions while at Plano East. After graduation, she studied computer science at The University of Texas at Dallas and landed an internship at Kalkomey Enterprises. She graduated from UT-Dallas with a Bachelor or Science degree in computer science and is now a senior software developer at Kalkomey.

Over 300 students and teachers from 47 middle and high schools from across Texas were represented at this virtual event. Plano West teams were coached by Plano West Computer Science Teacher Robin Bailey and Plano Senior High School teams were coached by Plano Senior High Computer Science teacher Jonathan Yee. Congratulations to all competitors and these winning teams: 

Never-Competed-Before Division

In the "never-competed-before division," for girls with little-to-no programming experience, 35 teams competed.

  • Taara Bhaskaruni, Sara Nakagawa and Shriya Reddy, Plano West Senior High, first place - top DFW regional team
  • Tanvi Kulkarni, Hemal Pathak and Li Shen, Plano West Senior High, first place - top Texas team

Novice Division

Girls with general experience in computer science competed in the novice division among 36 teams.

  • Neeka Lin and Navya Ramakrishnan, Plano Senior High, first place - top DFW regional team

Advanced Division

Competing in the advanced division were girls with greater programming experience; 21 teams competed in the advanced division. 

  • Kaiya Adams, Jessica Ouyang and Joyce Qin, Plano West Senior High, first place - top DFW regional team - as the winning DFW team, they earned a paid internship with Kalkomey Enterprises, a major sponsor of Digital Divas 2021
  • Kelly Chen, Lamisah Khan, and Lucy Zhang, Plano West Senior High, second place - DFW regional team