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22 State Visual Art Scholastic Event Awards

May 3, 2021

The state VASE (Visual Art Scholastic Event) is held annually in April and this year took place virtually on April 23-24. State qualifying artworks are assessed by jurors from across the United States. State medallions are awarded at the state event to those student works receiving an exemplary rating of IV. The State VASE jurors select artworks that represent the goals of VASE and are exemplary examples of concept, technique, craftsmanship and creativity in student artwork. Artwork receiving exemplary ratings are eligible for consideration for the highest honor in VASE the Gold Seal Award. 

Twenty-seven Plano ISD students advanced from the Regional VASE to the State VASE competition, and twenty-two of the advancing works received exemplary state honors. Of these, four Plano ISD works earned gold seal awards.

Gold Seal Awards

Students selected as gold seal winners receive a gold state medallion and their artwork will be exhibited in a variety of venues across the state. These four Plano ISD works were each awarded a gold seal and will travel in the Gold Seal Exhibit from June to November 2021. Exhibit schedule

  • Chloe Chan, Plano East Senior High, grade twelve, Digital Portrait with IV Bags, teacher: Tiffany Alvarez- Thurman 

 Art, titled digital portrait with IV bag

  • Eesha Gundam, Jasper High School, ninth grade, Grocery Store Sushi, teacher: Adriane Anderson

Art, titled: Grocery store sushi (packaged sushi in display case)

  • Katherine Lee, Jasper High School, ninth grade, A Child’s Tableau of Paint, teacher: Adriane Anderson

 Art, titled: Child's tableau of paint (paint tubes in clear packages on display rack)

  • Taarena Rathore, McMillen High School, ninth grade, Anticipation. teacher: Lauren Litwin

 Art, titled: Anticipation (blue eyes peeking through ripped fabric)

State Medallions: 18 Works Receive an Exemplary Rating

  • Aditi Buch, Plano Senior High, grade 12, Distorted Portrait in Blue & Orange, teacher: Allison Garrison
  • Aditi Buch, Plano Senior High, grade 12, Still Life Imagined Two Ways, teacher: Allison Garrison
  • Emily Evans, Plano Senior High, grade 11, Acrylic Painting of a Surreal Date, teacher: Allison Garrison
  • Deigo Diaz, Plano Senior High, grade 12, Photo of Dad, teacher: Allison Garrison
  • Vanessa Duong, McMillen High School, grade 10, Shipwreck, teacher: Stephenie Anderson
  • Daisy Gan, Shepton High School, grade 10, A Thousand Words, teacher: Melissa Pierce
  • Audrey He, Jasper High School, grade 10, In Harmony, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Amitha Mandava, Plano East Senior High, grade 9, Pen and Ink Landscape of Desert, teacher: Tiffany Alvarez-Thurman
  • Dominic Park, Jasper High School, grade 9, A Stroll Through, the Market, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Grace Phan, Plano East Senior High, grade 11, Not Enough, teacher: Ashley Bruegel
  • Melanie Prado, Shepton High School, grade 9, A Marionette's Smile, teacher: Melissa Pierce
  • Taarena Rathore, McMillen High School, grade 9, Reminiscing, teacher: Lauren Litwin
  • Lily (Linh) Tran, Plano East Senior High, grade 10, Pen & Ink Landscape with Pagoda, teacher: Tiffany Alvarez- Thurman
  • Samyuktha Variyam, Plano Senior High, grade 12, Portrait of a Girl in Pen, teacher: Allison Garrison
  • Denise Xu, Plano Senior High, grade 11, City in Glass, teacher: Allison Garrison
  • Nancy Yan, Jasper High School, grade 10, Life Is Butter with Bread, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Evelyn Zhou, Jasper High School, grade 10, Fox in Nature Scene, teacher: Sara Stevens
  • Anna Zhu, Plano West Senior High, grade 11, 3 Portraits Praying, teacher: Phillip Frye

High School Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) Mission

The mission of the High School Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) is to recognize exemplary student achievement in the Visual Arts by providing high school art students and programs a standard of excellence in which to achieve.