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Mendenhall Houses program  

The Mendenhall Houses program is a school-wide character and academic building initiative that encourages students and staff to achieve more as a school family!

Students and staff get divided into Houses which are tied to a color. Students and staff meet in House meetings to promote spirit and achievements. Students earn points for their house by exhibiting exceptional character. All house names are derived from various character traits and seek to promote attributes that we want to see in our students and staff!

  • Red House of Perseverance
  • Blue House of Wisdom
  • Yellow House of Kindness
  • Green House of Honesty
  • Orange House of Patience
  • Purple House of Courage

Students and staff meet in House meetings at least once per month to promote spirit, achievements, and continue building good character.

New students get to reveal their house color when they join our Mendenhall family!

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House Color