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Online Schedule Release and Student Hold Information

Online Schedule Release and Student Hold Information

The traditional schedule pickup and Camp Panther that precedes the start of classes will be altered to insure the safety of all. Sadly, we will be canceling Camp Panther as this pep rally experience is typically led by senior students. Instead, all student registration will be managed online by accessing link . Families should access this site July 21-August 11 to register for school and access your child's schedule of classes. This link will assist you with this process.


If after you complete the paperwork, it indicates you have a hold on your account, you will need to come to campus to clear this hold. This hold list can be found here. Search by your student id number and see what type of hold you have.


There are three types of holds you could encounter:


  1. Residency hold-which we would need for you to bring a current proof of residency in Plano ISD (natural gas or electricity bill, original lease agreement, or approved certificate of eligibility to enroll form)
  2. School Supply Hold-students on this hold list, have items that were not turned in from previous years. You can view these holds by searching your student id on this list.
  3. Immunization Hold-These students do not need to come to campus. Please email our nurse Jill Halverson at and she will schedule a time to take care of this issue.


Families will need to sign up their students for a designated time slot for either August 3, 4, or 6th to clear these holds. You will come to the Cafeteria in B2. The sign up can be found here.



Please find a picture/ overview of locations of schedule release locations below.

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