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Carpool Information and Map

Keep our Students Safe!

  1. Carpool lanes are located at the front of the school (parallel to Preston Meadow) and on the south side of the school by the music area entrance.
  2. Parents may choose which carpool line is most convenient.  Many music students prefer to use the south carpool line, as it is easier for them to pick up their instruments and proceed to their cars.
  3. Students should use the crosswalks when at all possible.  Please watch for staff members who are on duty.
  4. Parents, please pull as far forward as possible.  Pulling forward allows us to drop-off/pick-up in timely manner.
  5. Parents, please stay in the carpool line and avoid cutting through the parking areas, as this creates a safety concern for students who are walking.
  6. Please do not drop-off or pick-up on Preston Meadow.  Students are not safe crossing traffic to get to the street.
  7. The north parking lot is for busses and staff parking only. 
  8. Parents should not utilize cell phones while in the carpool lanes.
  9. The back of the school is not part of the carpool lane.  Please do not circle back behind the school building.
  10. The building opens each day at 7:45 a.m. Students should enter the building as soon as they arrive after this time.  Students are not permitted to leave campus or play outside before school.
  11. Supervision is provided outside each day until 4:00 p.m.  Please have a ride secured for your child by that time. 
  12. Students are not permitted to play ball or chase near the carpool lanes. 
  13. Students may use the front office phone to contact parents after school, if needed.
  14. Students who are walking or riding a bike should be off-campus by 3:45 if not attending tutorials.
  15. Arriving early will help you avoid long carpool lines.  Be patient!  Remember we are getting over 1,000 students to school and home safely! 

Bike/Skateboard Safety

  1. Bike racks are located on the northwest side of the building by the gym.  Bikes should be locked at all times.  Robinson is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes.
  2. Students are encouraged to wear their helmets and other safety gear.
  3. Students should walk their bikes on and off campus, with careful attention at cross walks.
  4. Skateboards may be stored in the ISS room if they will not fit in your locker.
  5. Skateboards are not to be ridden on school property. 

 Map indicating carpool routes. For more information please contact the campus at (469) 752-6200.