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Important Attendance Info

Attendance Policy Update for 2020-2021


Hello Vines Community,

 Thank you for all you have done to make the start of school as smooth as possible given these unusual times. Please read below as some of our procedures have temporarily changed.


Some things that are different:


**This 20-21 school year teachers have full control over student attendance.

**Your student MUST log in every day through WebDesk.

**Your student MUST log out of WebDesk at the end of every day. If they do not log out and then try to continue school the following day, it will not record them as ever logging in for the day in question. Students must log out at the end of each day.

**Students have until 11:59pm to complete and submit work

**Absences can be reconciled



Whether it is an asynchronous or synchronous day of learning, attendance is taken every day for every class. If for some reason your student did not attend class or log in, he/she has until 11:59 pm of the same school day to log in, complete, and submit work to the teacher. You may receive an automated phone call in the evening stating your child’s absence. These calls are a reminder that the student still has a chance to log in and submit work. His absence will be reconciled by the teacher the following day.


Asynchronous days are not optional. Attendance is required every day whether you are Face to Face or a Remote learner. If by 11:59 pm that day you did not respond to the work/check-in/etc. that your teacher posted, the student will be marked absent.


Students have many ways to demonstrate their attendance: 

  • virtual, live participation during synchronous times; 
  • engagement in the content-specific material;
  • submission of assignments, etc.

    If  students are virtually present during the regular class period verified through some online presence such as virtually meeting with their class or logging in through their webdesk and engaging in the work for that class period, they will be marked present.

  If a student is not present during the class time as indicated above, the student will not be marked present; however, the student still has the opportunity to be recorded as present by engaging in the classwork prior to 11:59 p.m. that day.

 If a student is not present during the class time, does not submit work, or show proof of engagement of the course material that day prior to 11:59 p.m., the student will be recorded as absent.

The student still has the ability to participate and submit until 11:59 p.m. on the day of instruction (although late night work is not recommended because teachers are not available to help during this time). Another expectation is that students engage in every class, every day. Unlike elementary and middle school, high school students must show attendance in every period, every day and must do so at a rate of 90% to earn credit for the class.


Why do I get automated phone calls when my child has turned in work?

If there is a student who logs in after 4:30 pm, or after the teacher has entered attendance, an automated call will be placed to the call numbers on file notifying the parent(s) that their child was marked absent.  The following day the teacher reconciles absences for any student who has submitted work the prior evening.  Please give the teachers 24 hours before sending an email regarding an absence. If work was submitted, it will get reconciled. There is no way around the automated phone call.  That is done at the district level.


What does Parent Portal tell me?


We encourage you to become familiar with parent portal. This is an excellent source of information regarding your students attendance, grades or any missing assignments.

Go to for all the details.


What does the 90% rule mean?

Attendance policy and state law require students attend their classes 90% of the time.  If a student does not attend 90% of his/her classes then they may not earn credit for that class.

A student who has not been in attendance for 90 percent of the days the class is offered shall not be awarded credit or a final grade except in courses designated as having innovative instructional arrangements or though methods for regaining credit described in the attendance policy.


Courses with innovative instructional arrangements such as eSchool, blended learning classes, service learning projects, internships as designed by the superintendent or designee are not subject to the requirement for a student to be in attendance 90 percent of the days the class is offered.





Medical Appointments or illness


There is a couple of options when it comes to leaving school early:


You may send your student with a note stating they will need to leave at said time and that is their pass that will get them out of class by themselves. They then come to the office and sign themselves out.


Or, parents may call ahead and we will pull your student from class at said time.


Parents do not need to come in to sign. Please text your student when you arrive and provide a note for them to bring back to Attendance upon their return.


Please understand the teacher still has to mark that student absent. They are not in class. Again, you will receive the automated phone call to remind you the student can still log in and submit work by 11:59 pm that same day. 


Parent notes and medical excuses cannot be entered into the system until 2 school days after the appointment. Please give enough time for those absences to be reconciled.


Child Safe Line:

469-752-5800 and choose option #3 to report your student absent.




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