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Tammy Richards/Michael Douglass Immediate Needs Fund Receives $10,000 Donation

November 16, 2022

Former School Board President Tammy Richards and her husband Michael Douglass have donated $10,000 to the Plano ISD Education Foundation Richards/Douglass Immediate Needs Fund. The Immediate Needs Fund is available to Plano ISD families with immediate, critical needs. The needs are identified by social workers and campus counselors.

The Plano ISD Education Foundation works closely with the district to identify programs that help all Plano ISD students achieve their full potential and funds nearly one million dollars annually toward district programs in support of educators, students and families. The district places importance on serving both the academic and social needs of students and families. Providing help where help is needed is an important step in educating the whole child. Services provided by this $10,000 donation will add stability to the lives of Plano ISD families and help students stay in school and engaged in their learning environment.

If you would like to make a donation to this fund to benefit families, please contact the Foundation at 469-752-8272. Thank you so much for your commitment to caring!