What if I have lost or damaged my book?

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Lost or damaged books may be paid for by check (made out to Otto Middle School with the students name and ID number noted) or cash in the library when we are back to in-person school. You will receive a receipt for your payment. If you find your lost book within the school year, you will recieve a refund. The form issued to you must be returned within the school year as well. 


Online payment is available through Rycor. This will be treated differently in the library. If you want to pay through Rycor, please notify me so we can post the charge to your student's account. It will then be available for payment online.


You can also replace the book with an exact hardback copy. Paperbacks will not be accepted. If you find your lost book, the replacement book will not be returned to you.


Student accounts that have overdue books past the last day of school in any given school year will have a hold placed on their account. To clear their account, please plan on returning the book, or paying the fee for a lost book.