Vice President Nancy Humphrey

Trustee Nancy HumphreyI have been on this board for almost twelve years and I've been through this process. I've been through a national search and I've been through a local search, and I know this process...and I am confident in Theresa's abilities. I am confident because she came with so much experience. She started out in Garland as a teacher and moved through the ranks all the way to executive director of educational operations. She has a humbleness about her that makes her approachable to everyone. And she understands, she's compassionate, but I'm telling you, she is a decisive, intelligent person, as well. And the one thing that drives Dr. Williams is success for children in this district and in the state of Texas. She was taken strategically [from Garland ISD] to Lubbock ISD as deputy, and there she made transformational change in the learning at schools that had the most work that needed to be done. I have my full confidence in Dr. Williams for this position."