Wolfpack Speech and Debate Team are the STATE CHAMPIONS

After 5 long days, Wolfpack Speech and Debate returned from Corpus Christi and the 50th Annual TFA State as the 2022 TFA State Champions! In addition to placing 1st out of the 156 schools in attendance, PWSH also won 4 of the 14 main events offered by the state tournament. Congratulations to our amazing students and their Speech and Debate Teacher/Coach, Robey Holland.


Team Results:

  • 2022 TFA Team Champions- 1st Place out of 156 schools. 
  • 4 State Champions out of the 14 Main Events- 1239 students competed for these 14 State Titles
  • 33/38 Plano West Students competed in elimination rounds at State. Approximately 33% of students in each event will advance to elimination rounds. 

Team Sweeps Breakdown: 156 Total Schools

1st Place- Plano West- 302 Points

2nd- Strake Jesuit College Preparatory- 194

3rd- San Angelo Central- 177 

4th- Harlingen South- 148

5th- Saint Mary’s Hall- 148

6th- Southlake Carroll- 133

7th- Harlingen- 111

8th- Seven Lakes- 111

9th- Tuloso Midway- 110

10th- Judson- 105

Individual Results Winners from PWSH:

Congressional Debate: 160 Total Entries 

State Champion- Atharv Kulkarni

2nd Place- Phoena Lin

5th Place- Srjana Srivatsa

7th- Amit Konda

Finalist- Neil Gupta

Finalist- Justin Zhu

Semi-Finalist- Abhinav Chellury

Semi-Finalist- Julia Duan

Semi-Finalist- Shrey Bahl

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking : 90 Total Entries

State Champion- Kyle Letterer

3rd- Charles Hou

Semi-Finalist- Madeline Tsao

Semi-Finalist- Abhinav Chellury

Semi-Finalist- Brennan Lee

Quarter-Finalist- Leo Yu

International Extemporaneous Speaking: 76 Total Entries

State Champion- Phoena Lin

3rd Place- Gabriel Bo

Semi-Finalist- Kelly Hu

Semi-Finalist- Amit Konda

Quarter-Finalist- Anushka Kumar

Quarter-Finalist- Julia Duan

Quarter-Finalist- Amogh Anoo

Dramatic Interpretation: 83Total  Entries

State Champion- Max Blackwell

Semi-Finalist- Walker Blackwell

Quarter-Finalist- Manha Haque

Duo Interpretation: 54 Total Entries

Semi-Finalists- Walker and Max Blackwell

Humorous Interpretation: 84 Total Entries

Semi-Finalist- Walker Blackwell

Quarter-Finalist- Max Blackwell

Informative Speaking: 81 Total Entries

Semi-Finalist- Joshua Li

Original Oratory: 86 Total Entries

Quarter-Finalist- Joshua Li

Quarter-Finalist- Gabriel Bo

Program Oral Interpretation: 66 Total Entries

Quarter-Finalist- Manha Haque

Quarter-Finalist- Christopher Lorde

Public Forum Debate: 77 Total Entries

Octa Finalists- Satvik Mahendra and Brady Zeng

Octa Finalist- Brennan Lee and Brian Zhou

World Schools Debate: 44 Total Entries

Octa Finalists- Kaustubh Sonawane, Meghna Subramanium, Priyanka Gupta, and Adith Gangalakunta