All-Region Band auditions!

Plano West placed:

51 students in the All-Region Band - more than any other school in the region

9 wind and percussion students in the All-Region Symphony Orchestra – more than any other school in the region

We also had 18 students advance to the Area audition – this is more than double any other school in our region!  Area is the final round of auditions to determine placement in one of the Texas All-State performing ensembles.

All-Region Wind EnsembleOscar Wei, Aaron Relampagos, Anirudh Doppalapudi*, Daniel Pearson, Brady Botten, Alvin Yang, Scott McLain, Erin Jiang*, Leon Chen*, Boris Vesselinov, Joey Allen*, and Jatin Himatsinghani*

All-Region Symphonic Band – Jyotishka Sen, Timothy Lau, Bently Kalik, Emory McDowell, Jenny Tan*, Jason Huang*, Sharanya Vunnava, Eshan Damle, Marigrace McDowell, Angela Ge, Sahil Bolar, Cian McGuire*, Shachi Patel*, Sarah Rutherford, Eric Pacheco, Daniel Ryan, Aahir Srinath, Camille Brashear, Molly Nell Bauer, Russell Struve, Neema Davani, Jake Schumaker, Alexander Janise, Jonathan Han, and Jalen Morgan

All-Region Concert Band – Anna Rutherford, William Kaiser, Camille Heidelbaugh, Calvin Taylor, Kritika Ramesh, Lauren Looi, Zantha Buirse, Nick Maddox, Stephen Johnson, Daniel Schmitt, Alexis Guzman-Ortiz, Soma Fukuta, Tyler Kappel, and Kaveri Iyengar

All-Region Alternate – Nicholas Benso, Andres Plascencia, Ryan Beeler, Jack Butler, Alexander Leaney, James Urech, Eric Miles, Gabriel Laing, Ishan Shah, Marvin Martinez, Tomas Dean, Collin Jakubik, and Kellyn Mendez

Bold=Area Band Member

*All-Region Symphony Orchestra Member


West Cluster Jazz students - TMEA All-State Jazz Bands!  

Jatin Himatsinghani- 3rd Trumpet- PWSH

Emory McDowell- 4th Bass Trombone- PWSH

Connor MacLeod- 2nd Alto Sax- Shepton HS

Colman Burks- 3rd Drums- Jasper HS


TMEA Region 24 Jazz Band

Anna Rutherford- 1st-Tenor Sax (Records for State)

Oscar Wei- 2nd- Tenor Sax (Records for State)

Thomas Dean- 2nd- Bari Sax

Joey Allen- 1st- Trumpet (Records for State)

Jatin Himatsinghani- 4th -Trumpet (Records for State)

Jonathan Han- 9th – Trumpet

Emory McDowell- 1st- Bass Trombone (Records for State)

Anirudh Doppalapudi- 3rd- Bass Trombone (Records for State)

Isaac Byrd- 1st- Piano (Records for State)

Samantha Mathew- 2nd- Guitar

Bruno Philippon- 1st- Jazz Vibes