PWSH French Students Win Many Awards at the Texas French Symposium - Texas State Competition

15 schools participated in this year’s Texas French Symposium – State Competition, and Plano West Senior High School placed 2nd overall!! 

PWSH Senior, Rohan Thomas finished 1st overall in the Texas competition with the most cumulative points, performing in several events.  PWSH Senior, Alexander Parachini finished 4th  performing in several events, and PWSH Junior Avishikta Bagchi finished 5th,  performing in several events.

Congratulations to all our students who prepared for this competition on their own time and without much supervision, and congratulations to French Teacher, Francine Dupui-Ho, for her leadership and dedication to these students.

The following PWSH Students won a place in the state competition with their performances:

 Bande dessinée

Aditya Sinha – second place - level 3

Karen Wang- Second place – level 4

Juliette Reeder – second place third place – level 5

Marco Verderame - third place- level 5

Drama solo

Rohan Thomas – first place – level 5

Avishikta Bagchi – first place – level 3

Niharika Kishan – first place- experienced

Tam-Nguyen – fourth place- level 5

Feryal Saqib – fifth place- level 4

Grant Barta – sixth place – level 4

Ryan Ostad- fourth place – level 4

Instrumental solo

Rohan Thomas – first place – level 5

Christopher Lo – fifth place – level 4

Piano Solo

Andrew Chen – third place – level 4

Carrie Liang – fifth place – level 3


Rohan Thomas – fifth place – level 5

Alexander Parachini – sixth place – level 5

Ryan Ostad – fourth place – level experienced

Niharika Kishan – sixth place – level experienced


Alexander Parachini – first place – level 5

Niharika Kishan – second place – level experienced

Avishikta Bagchi – fifth place – level 3

Tianqi Zhang - third place- level 4

Rhea Sarma fourth place- level 4

Tam Nguyen – fifth place- level 5

Bravo Wolfpack!