Mosquito Prevention Information

Learn to Proctect Yourself

  • Drain water-filled containers after each rain event. This is the one thing everyone can do that can have the greatest impact on the overall mosquito population. All mosquitoes require water to reproduce.  Drain any standing water that you find.
    • Overturn old tires.
    • Drill holes in the bottom of recycle containers.
    • Clean and change the water in bird baths at least weekly.
    • Empty small containers such as discarded water and soda bottles, buckets, and container lids.  These can hold enough water for mosquitoes to lay eggs.
  • Dress in light colored, loose fitting clothing. Some species of mosquito are attracted to dark colors, and some can bite through tight-fitting materials. When practical, wear long pants and long sleeve shirts.
  • Defend with an insect repellent that has been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA registered products have been reviewed, approved, and pose minimal risk when used according to the label. Always follow label directions.
    • Apply only to exposed skin (not skin under clothing)
    • Keep away from eyes, nose, and lips
    • Never use repellents on wounds or irritated skin
    • Use sparingly and reapply often if needed (saturation does not increase efficacy.)

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