Frankford carpool procedures

Frankford Carpool Procedures

Drop-Off Only
The two lanes in front of the school which is entered from Maribeth Drive are for dropping off and picking up.  The lane closest to the curb is the drop off/pick up lane.  The lane next to the parking spaces is for through traffic only. Please do not stop in this lane to drop off or pick up a student.

Bus Lane
The buses enter the parking lot on the east side of the building and drop off students at the cafeteria doors for entry into the building.  In the afternoons students riding the bus will exit the building at the southwest end where the line of buses will be waiting for pick up.

Special Education Bus Lane
The drive through lane on Maribeth Drive on the west side of the building is for the Special Education buses only.  There is no parking in this lane at anytime during school hours.