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*We are not assigning lockers this school year. Students will be able to carry backpacks with them throughout the day. This will improve hallway congestion, help students arrive to class in a timely manner (reduce tardies), and maximize the number of instructional minutes. Students in Band and Orchestra will be assigned a music locker, where they will be able to store their musical instrument during the day. 


**Students will be assigned a Chromebook and charger. We are going to ask our students to bring their charged Chromebook with them to school each day. Please fill out the form on Chromebooks in the Parent Portal along with all the other forms (please consider clicking “YES” for Yearbook and Publications).


*In order to view your child’s schedule, you will need to make sure you complete all the information under “Student Registration Forms” in the Parent Portal. We ask that parents consider clicking “YES” for “Yearbook Consent” and “Publications, Video, etc.” because we like to showcase our students in various ways which include our social media outlets.

Student ID Badges:

Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, the district will be requiring students from the middle schools through the senior highs to carry a student ID on a lanyard. Information on how this will be completed will be shared with you at a later date.