Is any of the proposed bond funding dedicated to teachers or instruction?

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The bond proposition includes many items that will enhance both teaching and instruction.

Some examples are:

  • The majority of the technology initiative ($73,935,000) is related to instruction (replacing aging classroom devices, upgrading wireless connectivity, enhancing wireless presentation tools for students and staff).
  • New early childhood school for instruction of pre-k students
  • New elementary school
  • Fine arts additions at four middle schools
  • Added instructional and storage space for fine arts at Jasper and Vines high schools
  • Renovation of Shepton High School and Robinson Middle School, expanding classroom space to meet state standards and allowing for better instructional settings
  • Library book replacements
  • Materials for special education programs
  • Building upgrades at the Holifield Science Learning Center

Additionally, teachers and students will be impacted by bond funds used to replace aging heating/cooling equipment and energy management controls. Teachers were also the driving reason to include a third employee childcare center in the bond proposal.

Funding to hire more teachers or increase teacher pay is not an allowable cost for a bond proposition. Salaries/raises come from operating funds. Bond proceeds may only be used for capital projects. The district has been transferring funds for the past three years from the operating fund to the capital projects fund in order to defer the timing of this bond proposition. If the bond proposition is approved, these transfers will no longer be necessary, thereby freeing up operating funds for other uses including instructional enhancements.