Does this bond proposal address school renovations?

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Yes. The bond proposal includes $105.8 million for major, 20-year school refurbishment projects for the following campuses. View this 9/30/2015 Major Renovations presentation to task force

  • Shepton High School Renovations
  • Robinson Middle School Renovations
  • Elementary School Refurbishments: Barksdale, Gulledge, Haggar, Haun, Miller and Skaggs
  • Middle School Refurbishments: Bowman and Wilson
  • High School Refurbishments: Jasper and Williams

The bond proposal also addresses needs for schools and service facilities that are not included in the 20-year major renovations. In some cases, work is combined for economy of scale or in response to immediate repair. Examples include replacing roofs, carpet and air-conditioning equipment, updating fire alarms or energy management systems and site improvements for parking or fire lanes. View this 10/29/2015 Systems and Compliance presentation to task force