Welcome Back from Principal, Janis Williams

Welcome Back from Principal, Janis Williams

Happy New Year, Wolfpack Parents and Students!

Tuesday, January 5th is a synchronous day for Cohort A.

Cohort A students who are face to face are expected to be on campus, and Cohort A school@home students are expected to attend all their classes synchronously from home. Tuesday, January 5th is an asynchronous learning day for Cohort B. All Cohort B students will need to log into their Google classrooms from home to check for any assignments and/or attendance forms.

Schedules and Google Classroom Join Codes for the 2nd semester are now available in the My Backpack app located on the Webdesk at webdesk.pisd.edu. If you have difficulty logging into My Backpack, please email the PISD Help Desk at tsos.pisd.edu or call at 469-752-8767. 

 For students who are attending school face to face for the first time this school year, please understand and adhere to the campus and district guidelines for PPE Students are required to wear a face mask throughout the day except when eating lunch. All students who are face to face will need to bring their charged Chromebook to campus every day.

I also wanted to let you know that 1st semester report cards will be available in parent portal January 5th.

HERE is a calendar for the 3rd 9 weeks and the bell schedule.


Thank you and have a great start to the second semester!


Janis Williams

Plano West Principal