US History EOC Exam 2021

US History EOC Exam 2021

To Parents/Guardians of Plano West Senior High School Students:

In order to plan appropriately, we are asking parents to complete the following survey  to indicate whether or not they plan on sending their child to school to take the U.S. History EOC exam. All testing will be done on campus, in person.

 Please respond by April 23, 2021 indicating your child’s participation in this exam. 


 The Texas Education Agency requires districts to administer the STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness) program to students in grade 3 through high school. The STAAR program includes End-of-Course exams (EOCs) for specific high school courses. In order to participate in these assessments, students are required to do so in person. Each assessment is given during a specific window of time. The Texas Education Agency has given guidance to districts for administering the assessments this spring. For more information from the State, see TEA Spring 2021 Assessment Guidance. The table below indicates when the US History End of Course Exam will be given in May at Plano West.


Who will take the US History Exam and When



Learning Environment

Students with the Last Name

May 18

Cohort A 11th grade

Last Names


Face to Face and School@Home

Students Last Names A-Fi

May 19

Cohort B 11th grade

Last Names


Face to Face and School@Home

Students Last Names M-Sh *(minus all APUSH digital testers from that alpha range)

May 20

Cohort A 11th grade

Last Names


Face to Face and School@Home

Students Last Names FL-L

May 21

Cohort B 11th grade

Last Names


Face to Face and School@Home

Students Last Name Si-Z *(plus APUSH digital testers last names M-SH)

May 24-27

Make up days

Face to Face and School@Home

Students who missed the exam on their scheduled date will be contacted by their counselor


Please know that not participating in End-of-Course exams (EOCs) for high school courses does have implications for students since, under current law, students are required to perform successfully on EOCs to meet graduation requirements. Although many students may have future opportunities to take EOCs prior to graduation, we believe that it is critical for students to participate in EOCs at the conclusion of the course.

As a district, we are committed to complying with federal and state laws relating to state assessments. We are also committed to providing the safest environment possible for students and staff on our campuses.


We anticipate that students will be released around 1:00 pm and will follow the instructions below based on which category they fall in:



School@home student

Face to face student

After the exam

Allowed to leave once released from exam and will complete assignments for 5th, 6th, & 7th periods virtually

Will attend periods 5, 6, & 7 Face to Face


Can request a Grab and Go lunch

Will attend B lunch


Students that drive will be released to go home.


Busses will leave at 1:30 pm for students needing bus transportation

Will be dismissed at 4:15 and can either take the bus or their regular mode of transportation



 Todd Williams

Associate Principal, C&I