• The Studio Theatre At a Glance


    Studio theatre size- approximately: 3,700 FT2

    Stage depth from seating wall to rear wall: 65’-4 1/2”

    Stage width from stage left wall to stage right wall: 53’-9”

    Deck to catwalk deck: 17’-5 1/2”




    4 over-house catwalks with raceways for lighting on both sides of the catwalks.

    Designated lighting booth.

    Focused repertory lighting plot provided for shows and events.


    Speaker locations above the house can be adjusted depending on set up/ configuration.

    Designated sound booth with windows that open into the space.

    Multiple patch bays throughout the room for versatile set ups.

    One projector located under the center catwalks with a retractable screen at the rear of the stage area.

    Carpentry/ Rigging

    Acoustical curtains on both the catwalk level and deck level.

    Lower curtains have adjustable tracks so you can have the curtains hug the wall, or create enough space behind them for stage crossovers. (Red Rings hanging down).



    Retractable seating located on back wall of the house, with 9 rows of seating for 153 total seats.

    Can utilize all 9 rows or just the rows you want.

    When fully extended the seating sticks out 24’-10” from the storage wall.

    Total seating:

                Proscenium: 153 fixed seats, 12 loose seats, 2 accessible locations (167 total)

                Thrust: 153 fixed seats, 80 loose seats, 4 accessible locations (237 total)

                Arena: 153 fixed seats, 80 loose seats, 6 accessible locations (239 total)


                15 FT2 per person: 148


    Additional Info:

    2 dressing rooms (dressing room 1 capacity: 5+, dressing room 2 capacity: 9+).

    Instrument case storage along the hallway dedicated to the studio.