• Recapture or "Robin Hood"

    Public school finances are a balancing act. As local revenue increases, the state decreases the funding it provides to the school district. When the state determines there is more local revenue than needed, it will ask the district to pay "recapture" or "Robin Hood." 

    School Funding buckets with different amounts of state taxes and local taxes. Showing when the local taxes overflowing.

    Plano ISD has paid $2.4 billion in recapture payments since 1994. Plano ISD pays the second-highest amount of recapture payments by school districts across the state, behind only Austin ISD. 

    Recapture or "Robin Hood" payments illustrated

    PISD Robin Hood payments make up about 37% of locally-generated revenue and it equals about $5,000 per student.

    While the district's M&O funds are subject to recapture, I&S funds — those generated by bond elections — are not subject to recapture. This means that all of the I&S funds stay in Plano ISD for Plano ISD students.