• Long Range Facility and Financial Planning

    In addition to Plano ISD evaluating immediate facility needs and funding options to finance those projects, the district has a responsibility to look at long-term projections and scenarios. Community members have asked questions about the district’s ability to fund projects in the future, and the graph below shows Plano ISD’s initial analysis to finance capital projects over the next 27 years.

    Plano ISD All Outstanding General Obligation Debt as of August 1, 2022

    This model was developed by Hilltop Securities, in partnership with the Plano ISD Chief Financial Officer. The graph shows how debt could be issued and paid over time, based on several assumptions. Those assumptions and repayment timelines shown above are subject to change. It’s important to note that the district follows a fiscally-responsible policy that was adopted by the Plano ISD Board of Trustees in 2019 that states all debt for long-term capital improvement projects will have a final maturity of 20 years or less.