• Plano ISD Stadium Rules

    The following rules are in effect at Plano ISD stadiums:

    1. Spectators may not enter the stadium with backpacks or duffle bags. Staff and security personnel, at their sole discretion, may determine what constitutes a prohibited backpack or duffle bag.
    2. Bags, purses and packages carried by spectators will be opened and inspected by security personnel or staff prior to entry into the stadium.
    3. Alcoholic beverages, outside food or drink items, tobacco products and weapons are prohibited.
    4. Spectators are prohibited from bringing footballs or other balls into the stadium.
    5. Persons in possession of prohibited items or who refuse inspection of bags and/or packages will not be permitted to enter the stadium. Persons who violate these stadium rules may be ejected without refund.
    6. Body painting, other than on the face area, is not allowed.
    7. Masks and other face coverings are prohibited.
    8. All signs must be positive, appropriate, promote the participants and not be unduly distracting or block the view of others.
    9. Patrons who leave the stadium will be required to purchase a ticket to re-enter.
    10. Only authorized personnel will be admitted onto the field.
    11. Air horns are prohibited per UIL rules.
    12. Animals, other than service animals, are not allowed in the stadium.
    13. Powder or throwing of powder is prohibited.

    Graphic Representation of PISD Stadium Rules