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    Plano ISD Privacy Statement

    PISD is strongly committed to protecting the privacy and security of the users of its website. Our Privacy Promise and Policy is your assurance that we will protect your personal information, to the maximum extent available.

    We will not release your personal information to any other party without your express permission except for the sole purpose of data verification and fulfillment of services or as required by law.

    If we give information to any organization, it is in the form of aggregated and anonymous statistics about groups of members, but not individuals, who participate in district web-based resources including ePay, eNews and ParentView applications. PISD will collect session connection information only when the user accesses our LAN resources. Information resources that are contained outside of the PISD website environment are subject to the rules enforced by the individual site providers.

    Aggregate Statistical Information: We may, from time to time, collect and use aggregated personal profile data regarding our registered users of web-based applications. This data does not contain personally identifying information such as name or email address. Individual identifying information will NEVER be provided to any other party without your consent, or as otherwise required by law. However, aggregated and anonymous data about groups of members may be collected and shared with participating agencies and/or companies. An example of such information might include, "X% of our use is between the hours of 7:00 and 9:00 p.m." Or, "X% of our students access their assignments through the myPISD.net service."

    Security Information: All the data you provide to us is protected to ensure both the privacy and security of your data. We use state-of-the art technology to keep your personal information as secure as possible to ensure that no one will be able to tamper with, intercept or access your data. Remember to keep your account information private and secure; do not share your password with anyone!

    Cookies: We may, from time to time, use cookies when you log in to your account. These cookies allow us to remember you when you visit our site. Although one cookie would reside on your computer so that we can recognize you each time you visit our site, any session-specific cookies will expire once you shut down your browser.

    Changes to Privacy Policy: If it becomes necessary for PISD to materially change this policy, we will provide prominent notice to all subscribers.