• Strategic Plan 2019-2023

    There is a legacy of excellence in Plano ISD, with high aspirations for all students—from pre-k, through graduation and beyond. To continue that legacy, Plano ISD began a year-long strategic planning process to set the course for the district's future. Drawing on the collective experiences and knowledge of a diverse and representative group of district stakeholders was an important part of the in-depth, self-examination process. The Plano ISD Board of Trustees adopted the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan on April 9, 2019.

  • Beliefs

    We Believe:

    • ALL students are at the heart of our decisions.
    • High expectations lead to growth and achievement for each student and staff member.
    • Graduates must possess the skills and knowledge that prepare them to become responsible citizens and successful leaders.
    • All students will utilize social, emotional and academic skills in order to become resilient and resourceful lifelong learners.
    • The highest levels of learning occur when students are engaged in work that is relevant, authentic and challenging.
    • Equity and access to equal opportunities are essential to reaching the highest levels of student achievement.
    • As good stewards, we provide access to resources that enable each student to reach his/her aspirations.
    • Our diverse, innovative and future-focused employees are the most valuable resource vital to the growth, care and success of each student.
    • We embrace families, staff, students and our community in the shared responsibility of educating our children.
    • Developing meaningful, collaborative relationships in a welcoming, safe and caring environment is essential for student success.
    • Quality public education is the foundation of a thriving community.

  • Vision & Mission


    Committed to Excellence
    Dedicated to Caring
    Powered by Learning
    Plano ISD Proud.


    Our Plano ISD learning community will educate, inspire and empower every student to activate their unique potential in a dynamic world.

  • Pillar 1: Learning and Teaching


    All students will have access to a culture of high expectations coupled with an engaging, innovative, personalized and supportive learning environment.


    Video: Pillar 1 - Learning and Teaching

  • Pillar 2: Life Ready


    Plano ISD graduates will possess the skills and knowledge that enable them to be future-ready citizens and leaders in the global workforce.


    Video: Pillar 2 - Life Ready

  • Pillar 3: Talent Acquisition, Support & Growth


    To ensure a quality school system, Plano ISD will hire, train and retain the most effective and talented workforce. 


    Video: Pillar 3 - Talent Acquisition, Support and Growth

  • Pillar 4: Culture of Community


    Plano ISD embraces the diverse community in which we live and work and will foster partnerships that are beneficial to the education of our students and meet the needs of our families.


    Video: Pillar 4 - Culture of Community

  • Pillar 5: Strategic Resource Management


    As good stewards, we will strategically and equitably manage our resources to meet identified student needs and align resource allocation with district goals.


Strategic Planning Process

  • The strategic planning process started with the Board of Trustees in spring 2018. Board members worked together to develop beliefs, a vision and pillars. A 75-member strategic planning committee, comprising educators, parents, students, trustees and community members, then worked to develop the plan's mission, objectives and strategies. Additionally, 124 stakeholders serving on 11 action teams developed action plans in order to operationalize the strategic plan. After board approval on April 9, the plan was unveiled to the community at Plano ISD's first-ever State of the District Address on April 25, 2019.

  • The foundation of excellence in the Plano Independent School District has been built brick-by-brick, decade-by-decade. It was constructed by ordinary citizens with extraordinary vision, talent, courage and leadership. The builders were bold administrators, far-sighted trustees, dedicated teachers and involved community members determined to provide every child with the skills necessary to be lifelong learners  and successful contributors to society. Each one demonstrated heroism in establishing an outstanding school system. 

    Bettye Haun, First Plano ISD Secretary/Haun Elementary School Namesake

  • Committed to Excellence, Dedicated to Caring, Powered by Learning, Plano ISD Proud.



    Our Plano ISD learning community will educate, inspire and empower every student to activate their unique potential in a dynamic world.