• Performance & Accountability Dashboard

  • TEA - Texas School Accountability Dashboard

    District Comparisons allows you to view a specific district's performance compared to another district.

    Campus Comparison allows you to view a specific a specific campus' performance to another campus. 

  • Plano ISD Performance & Accountability Dashboard

    Select a campus from the list below to view specific Plano ISD performance data that will include an overview of the campus, STAAR 3-8 and EOC results, and employee data.

    2016 Texas Academic Performance (TAPR) Report data is available for the following information.

  • Performance & Accountability Dashboard

    Provides accountability performance index information and an overview of the campus based on the most recent released TAPR. 

    • Ethnic Distribution and Total Student Count
    • Graduate Count and College and Career Ready Graduates
    • Advanced Course/Dual Enrollment
    • Recommended High School Program (RHSP) / Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP)
    • 4-year and 5-year Graduation Rates (State/Region/District)
    • Attendance Rate (State/Region/District)
    • Current and Previous Year Accountability Index Values
  • Performance & Accountability Dashboard
    STAAR 3-8 and EOC (End-of-Course )

    Latest released TAPR results by subject, ethnicity, Special Ed, Economically Disadvantaged and ELL  (English Language Learner) for your campus for the following key areas:

    • Phase-in Satisfactory Standard or Above
    • Postsecondary Readiness Standard
    • Advanced Standard
  • Performance & Accountability Dashboard

    Latest released TAPR results on employees for your campus for the following areas:

    • Staff Assignment
    • Teacher Ethnicity
    • Years of Experience