• Financial Transparency

    Plano ISD is committed to providing transparent financial information in an easily accessible format that is clear and meaningful to our community.  Financial transparency is achieved through summaries, visualizations and downloadable data as well as other relevant financial information. 

    One of the two major ongoing goals of the district is to ensure efficient use of financial resources and budgeting.  Certain indexes and reporting systems allow for measurement of the financial sustainability of Plano ISD.  These indicators* are achievements of the Financial Services Department.

    *Financial Sustainability Indicators

    • 34th consecutive year that Plano ISD has earned the award for Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).
    • Bond Ratings*
      • Moody's: "Aaa" / "Aaa"
      • Standard and Poor's:  "AAA" / "AA+"
      • Permanent School Fund Guarantee
    • Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) = Superior Achievement 

    *Bond Rating Symbols are gradations of creditworthiness

Financial Transparency Summary

  • Government-Wide Activities

    The total cost of all government-wide activities for the year ended June 30, 2017 was $728.1 million. Funding for these government-wide activities is by specific program revenue or through general revenues such as property taxes and investment earnings. The following is a summary of the governmental funds activities:

    • The cost of all governmental activities for the year was $720.5 million.
    • Some of the governmental activities cost was funded by program revenues directly attributable to specific activities. These program revenues amounted to $91 million.
    • The remaining cost of governmental activities not directly funded by program revenues was $629.6 million which was funded from property taxes and other local sources.

Operational Expenditures 2017-18 (Excluding Recapture and Transfers)

Plano ISD Operating Revenues and Expenditures Per Student, FY 2011-2017

  • Operating revenues and expenditures are total governmental fund expenditures less debt service and capital projects. 

  • *Recapture is a mechanism in state funding formulas that ensures that a district’s property wealth per student does not exceed certain levels, which are known as equalized wealth levels. Each year the District enters into an agreement pursuant to the Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 41, subchapters A and D, and rules adopted by the commissioner of education as authorized by the TEC, §41.006. This agreement reduces the District’s wealth per weighted student to a level that is not greater than the equalized wealth level determined by the commissioner of education in accordance with TEC code. The 2016-17 audited budget included a recapture payment of $104,685,715. The 2017-18 adopted budget includes an estimated payment of $102,129,610.

    The source for enrollment figures used per student calculations is based upon the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) data submission on October 31st of each year.  PEIMS encompasses all data requested by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) about public education. (www.tea.texas.gov)

    • Total expenditures including recapture* – $631,440,924
    • Total expenditures per student including recapture - $11,656
    • Total expenditures without recapture -$526,755,209 
    • Total expenditures per student without recapture – $9,724
    • Total full-time equivalent positions for all personnel – 6,796

    • Total revenues - $652,036,157
    • Total revenues from all funds per student - $12,036
    • Total full-time equivalent positions for all personnel – 6,796
    • Revenues from property taxes total – $518,851,679
    • Revenues from property taxes per student – $9,578