• Booster Clubs in Plano ISD

    Booster clubs are any support organizations formed by parents, interested community members, and/or interested patrons as a means to support extracurricular activities or complement a particular student group. When students participate in extracurricular activities and programs, they enrich their education and increase their curricular and real-world experiences through friendly competition and engagement of students across our city, state, and nation.  Although a booster club works very closely with the District, it is a separate, legal entity from the District. The booster club must be approved by the appropriate District Administrator, submit the required documentation each year, and attend their designated, annual Booster Club training. In addition, an exempt organization must abide by all PISD policies and procedures, UIL regulations, and federal and Texas state laws concerning booster organizations. Booster groups who fail to comply will not be allowed to operate and will be dissolved. Plano ISD appreciates the time, contributions, and synergy of our parents and stakeholders who selflessly give of themselves in participation with booster clubs.

    Booster Clubs shall organize and function in a way consistent with the District’s philosophy and objectives, within adopted Board policies (GE LOCAL), and in accordance with UIL regulations as applicable.

    Getting started can feel overwhelming, so PISD provides a number of supporting documents and guides to help you get started:

    ✔️ PISD Booster Club Guidelines  

    ✔️ PISD Booster Club Quick Tip Sheet 

    ✔️ PISD Guidelines to Establishment of a Booster Club  

    ✔️ Booster Club Officer Supplementary Training (Video) 2023-2024  



  • Questions, Guidance Process & Contacts
    For questions about Booster Club guidelines, Plano ISD follows a specific guidance process. Booster officers are encouraged to first contact their program sponsor, then the designated assistant principal, and ultimately the campus principal.  For any additional questions beyond the campus level, please contact the following departments for clarification:

    Athletics: (469) 752-1080
    Fine Arts: (469) 752-3084 
    Finance: (469) 752-8228