• Booster Clubs in Plano ISD

    Booster Clubs exist to promote communication and greater involvement between the school and the community, including parents and other interested citizens, and to support the students of the District.  Participation is encouraged with the belief that a better understanding of school operations will foster cooperation and support. (GE LOCAL). These organizations should support, promote and enrich the education and activities of students and their student programs. The purpose of the Booster Club is to work cooperatively with the sponsor/coach to provide assistance for the planned activities of the student group; however, the Booster Club does not have the authority to decide the activities in which the group will participate.  The Booster Club may provide suggestions about particular activities; however, the Sponsor is responsible for the final decision with an Administrator’s approval.

    While Booster Clubs work cooperatively and closely with the District and its employees, Booster Clubs are a separate business entity from the District; maintaining their own tax ID numbers (Federal EIN and Texas Taxpayer ID) as well as their own bank account. Therefore, Plano Independent School District greatly appreciates the time, effort, and financial support Booster Clubs provide our student programs.

    Booster Clubs shall organize and function in a way consistent with the District’s philosophy and objectives, within adopted Board policies, and in accordance with UIL regulations as applicable.

    Getting started can feel overwhelming, click here for a Booster Club Quick Tip Sheet!

  • Contact Us
    For questions about Booster Club guidelines please contact your Club sponsor first, then your campus principal, for any additional questions please contact the following departments

    Finance: (469) 752-8228
    Purchasing: (469) 752-0286
    Athletics: (469) 752-1080
    Fine Arts: (469) 752-3084