• Strategic Plan 2023-2028

    There is a legacy of excellence in Plano ISD, with high aspirations for all students—from pre-k, through graduation and beyond. To continue that legacy, Plano ISD began a year-long strategic planning process to set the course for the district's future. Drawing on the collective experiences and knowledge of a diverse and representative group of district stakeholders was an important part of the in-depth, self-examination process. The Plano ISD Board of Trustees adopted the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan on May 2, 2023.

  • Beliefs

    We Believe:

    • ALL students are at the heart of our decisions.
    • High expectations lead to growth and achievement for each student and staff member.
    • Parents and families are key partners in their children’s education.
    • Parents, families, staff, students and our community should share in the responsibility of educating our children.
    • Graduates must possess the knowledge, skills and qualities to become responsible citizens and successful leaders. (Portrait of a Plano ISD Graduate)
    • Students’ learning experiences should be relevant, authentic, engaging and challenging.
    • Equitable (fair and equal) access to opportunities is essential for all students to reach their highest level of learning and potential.
    • A diverse, innovative, growth-focused and adaptive staff is essential to successfully meet the needs of all students in preparing them for their future.
    • Organizational success derives from developing meaningful, collaborative relationships in a welcoming, safe and caring environment.
    • Quality public education is the foundation of a thriving community.

  • Vision & Mission


    Committed to Excellence
    Dedicated to Caring
    Powered by Learning
    Plano ISD Proud.


    Our Plano ISD learning community will educate, inspire and empower every student to activate their unique potential in a dynamic world.

  • Pillar 1: Teaching & Learning

    All Plano ISD students will be challenged to make appropriate individual growth through high quality programming and instruction that is relevant, engaging and differentiated to meet students’ learning needs.


  • Pillar 2: Life Ready

    All Plano ISD students will have access to programs and experiences that will build a future-ready workforce and successfully bridge students to their chosen pathways.


  • Pillar 3: Talent Acquisition, Support & Growth

    The care, development and support of our Plano ISD staff are the foundation of our ability to recruit, hire and retain the necessary talent to provide a caring, nurturing yet rigorous environment for all students. 


  • Pillar 4: Safety, Wellness & Community Engagement

    All Plano ISD facilities will provide a safe and welcoming environment for students, staff and families to experience a sense of belonging.


  • Pillar 5: Partnerships & Strategic Resource Management

    Plano ISD will maximize resources and community partnerships to achieve district goals that meet the needs of students and staff.


  • Committed to Excellence, Dedicated to Caring, Powered by Learning, Plano ISD Proud.



    Our Plano ISD learning community will educate, inspire and empower every student to activate their unique potential in a dynamic world.