• About Taxparency

  • As school finance reform, property tax relief and transparency in taxation became top priorities leading up to the 85th legislative session, Plano ISD partnered with other districts in an effort called “Taxparency,” (www.taxparencytexas.org). Taxparency is a grass roots collaboration among several Texas school board trustees who feel property owners have the absolute right to know where and how their school taxes are being spent by their local school districts and by the state. In 2017, the average Plano ISD homeowner's tax bill stated that $4,657 was collected by Plano ISD. The tax bill does not acknowledge that the district received $3,634, while the state took the other $1,023. “This lack of transparency masks the hidden state tax and eliminates a school board’s ability to decrease operating tax rates since it must generate new funds to satisfy rising annual recapture payments,” said School Board President Missy Bender in a September 2017 news story. (Read more.) 
    Perception - Many believe that 100% of property taxes designated for Plano ISD stay in Plano ISD to support education.
    Surprised? You're not alone. Most people are unaware that the state will take $151 million from Plano ISD taxpayers this year

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