• Rycor "Student Quick Pay"

    New System for Online Fee Payments (Rycor Replaces PayPams)

    The district offers an online payment system for school meals, fare busing, early childhood tuition, adventure camp, off-campus PE payments and more through the Rycor secure online website, StudentQuickPay.com/PISD.

    Rycor is a convenient and robust on-line payment option for Plano ISD parents, and beginning with the 2020-21 school year, is the preferred method of payment. 

    About Rycor Student Quick Pay

    This payment system was chosen due to the features offered to parents and the "user friendly" design. Please note that there is a small convenience charge for using this system put in place to offset some of the costs of offering this service. For general information about fees, please contact your child’s school.


    If you are a parent with multiple children at multiple schools, your children will all appear together under your online payment parent account. Parents can view assessed fees, see outstanding balances and pay for all of their children in a single transaction. Payments can be made by Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, American Express, Discover and ACH Electronic Check. 

    • Parents can pay selected school fees and receive email confirmation notification of payments and the ability to view payment history. Payments may be made online for:
      • Activity fees
      • Adventure camp
      • Athletic fees
      • Course fees
      • Early childhood tuition
      • Extracurricular fees
      • Fare busing
      • Field trip fees
      • Off-campus PE
      • Yearbook
    • Parents can add money to and manage meal accounts. Meal account features include:
      • E-mail confirmation notification of payments
      • Account balances updated throughout day
      • Balance transfer from year-to-year
      • Parent monitoring of student meals
      • Ability to view account balance
      • Ability to view payment history

    Additionally this online payment system allows parents to:

    • Make fee payments for all students in your family at one time
    • View your payment history
    • View all your upcoming fee payments in one place
    • Print payment receipts
    • Print tax receipts
    • Print student account statements

    Using Rycor Student Quick Pay

    • First-time registration:
      • When using Rycor for the first time, registration is required. Once registration is complete, there may be a one-time delay before the parent will be able to see their child’s meal account balance. After that time, account payments will be posted throughout the day.
    • To register, online at: https://studentquickpay.com/pisd/.
    • For Pearson Early Childhood parents, please contact the cafeteria manager at (972) 752-4308, to begin meal services or to make changes to the services.

    How to Register to Create an Online "Student Quick Pay" Account

    Please visit this link for step-by-step instructions.

    The district is pleased to be able to offer this full-service comprehensive on-line payment option to all Plano ISD parents.

  • Rycor Student Quick Pay