• Fare Busing

    The State of Texas defines the parameters in determining whether or not a student is declared eligible for regular education school bus transportation. In general, a student must live two miles or more from their assigned school to be eligible for regular education school bus transportation at no additional charge. This is measured from the midpoint of your property to the bus loading area adjacent to the door at your student's assigned school by using the shortest possible distance on public roads. Addresses with long driveways or apartments will be measured using the spot where the main driveway meets the public road. For students who are not eligible for regular transportation to their assigned school, Plano ISD offers a Fare Busing program on a space available, area available, first come first served basis. The cost is established in May for the following year. The current school year price is $346.50 per year, per student or $192.50 per semester, per student. Enrollment instructions are listed below.

    Important note:
    There are 8 of our elementary schools where all students live within two miles of the school. Because of this, these schools do not offer home-to-school transportation, including Fare Busing in most cases, for any regular education students. The schools not offering regular education home-to-school transportation are Andrews, Bethany, Davis, Hedgcoxe, Hightower, Hughston, Skaggs and Thomas.

    1. Read the Fare Busing guidelines.  
    2. Print and complete the Fare Busing Enrollment Form
    3. When needed, print and complete the Fare Busing Cancellation Form
    4. Submit the enrollment form via fax to (469) 752-0781 or email to buses@ pisd.edu.
    5. Allow our department at least five business days to process your enrollment and determine whether you are eligible, and if we have room on a bus in your area to accommodate your request. We will call you when the process is complete.
    6. Although we will make every attempt to establish bus service in time for the first day of school, in some cases we must delay placement for 3-10 school days to determine the eligible student load on the bus in your area.
    7. All approved riders are required to make a minimum semester payment which includes a yearly registration fee to initiate service by using the Plano ISD PayPAMS system or by delivering a cashier's check or money order to the Transportation Services office.

    For more information, please call (469) 752-0992.

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