• Are you interested in becoming a teacher in Plano ISD?

    All teachers in the state of Texas are required by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to complete state mandated exams before being eligible for certification.

  • Criteria for Employment in Plano ISD

     To be employed by the Plano ISD, the applicant must provide:

    • Official transcripts indicating your conferred Bachelor's degree. For Out-of-Country transcripts, submit an original detailed or course-by-course evaluation by a recognized foreign evaluation service.
    • A valid Texas teaching certificate or Statement of Eligibility from an Alternative Certification Program/University post Baccalaureate Program.

    Please make sure that your Texas Education Agency (TEA) profile is up-to-date with your current information. Any discrepancies between your PISD application and your TEA profile could adversely impact the hiring process. You can access your TEA profile by clicking on the link below and then following the steps below the link. If you have any issues with the link or with accessing your profile, please contact TEA.

    To access your TEA profile, use the following link: www.tea.texas.gov

    1. Click on TEA Secure Applications
    2. Click on “Request Access Online” next to “ECOS for Educators”
    3. To create an account, use the “Educator Account Set-up Instructions” next to “ECOS for Educators”
  • Alternative Certificate:

    Individuals who hold a bachelor's degree (in an area that does not lead to teacher certification) and are interested in becoming a teacher must pursue one of two paths to become a teacher in the state of Texas. Those individuals may pursue enrollment into an Alternative Certification Program (ACP) or enroll in a Post Baccalaureate Program that leads to teacher certification at the university level. 

    Teachers who are going through an ACP must be issued a Statement of Eligibility before being hired. Each program will differ somewhat in program requirements. See a list of approved programs.

  • Additional Certification by Exam:

    All teachers in the state of Texas are required by the TEA to complete state mandated exams before being eligible for certification. 
    Registration instructions, test dates and study guides are available at www.tx.nesinc.com.

  • Out-of-State/Out-of-Country Certification Information:

    Teachers who hold an Out-of-State or Out-of-County certificate must apply and pay online through the TEA for a review of credentials and a One-Year certificate. Once the review is complete, the teacher will receive an email from TEA, which will include the required tests and the eligibility for a One-Year certificate. Acceptable proof of oral English language proficiency must be submitted before a certificate can be issued for Out-of-Country certificates..

     The teacher must pass all state mandated tests or submit the appropriate documentation necessary to determine possible test exemptions as indicated on the review during the validity dates of the one-year certificate. 

    Once all of the requirements are met, the teacher is required to go back to the website and apply for their Standard Certificate. During the validity of the Standard Certificate, five years, the teacher must complete a minimum of 150 professional development hours before the Standard Certificate can be renewed. The teacher will receive a notice from TEA several months before the five year Standard certificate expires to renew the certificate. Educators must keep their TEA profile updated at all times at www.tea.texas.gov.

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