• Plano ISD Dyslexia Program

    Plano Independent School District provides appropriate services for all students with dyslexia as defined in T.E.C. 38.003 and T.A.C. 74.28 including the revised procedures concerning dyslexia and related disorders. 

    • K-1 dyslexia screenings 
    • early intervention  
    • identification process, conducting formal and informal evaluation
    • appropriate instructional services at each campus 
    • progress monitoring of reading achievement during and after existing program
    • informing parents of available options and services 
    • technology support of students identified with dyslexia
  • What is Dyslexia?

    Definition of Dyslexia:

    Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is neurobiological in origin. Those with dyslexia have difficulties with word recognition, spelling, and decoding. These deficits come from the phonological component in the brain that is unexpected to a person's intelligence and despite adequate instruction.  An effect or consequence includes difficulty with reading comprehension. 

     Link to IDA (International Dyslexia Association) Definition

Plano ISD Dyslexia. Changing the world one phoneme at a time.
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