• Request for a Transcript

    Access to student records will be granted according to the Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) and Plano ISD policies FL (Legal) and FL (Local) for student records.

    Once a graduate has turned 18 years of age or is in a post-secondary setting the parent may not request records of any kind. The Federal Law will allow us to accept a parent signature in lieu of the student only when that parent brings in the most current 1040 tax form showing that the student is still a dependent for tax purposes.

    Requesting a Transcript

    Requests for students who are from the Class of 2015 or earlier:

    • Request needs to be submitted to the Records Management department.
    • Requests can be submitted for transcripts, health records and proof of enrollment.
    • Fees are $1.00 for uncertified/personal copies and $2.00 for certified copies that are to be mailed only to colleges, universities or agencies.


    Requests for students from the Class of 2016 or later:


    Request for current students:

    • Please contact the school the student is attending.