• Welcome to Student Services

    The Student Services department is comprised of Discipline Management, Elementary Summer School, Homeless and Foster Care Liaison and Summer Meals.

    Elementary Summer School

    Students in the summer program are given opportunities to study curriculum that reinforces and/or enriches skills and knowledge learned during the regular school year. Two types of curricula are offered: the regular program and the enrichment program. Additionally, classes provide students with an environment that is both stimulating and encouraging.

    Homeless and Foster Care Program

    Services provided to homeless families include free school meals, immediate enrollment in school, as needed transportation to campuses, school supplies and other services.

    We connect families with local resources in our areas: Food pantries, shelters, churches and faith-based organizations that provide assistance to families, Assistance Center of Collin County, and 211 services.

    Summer Meals

    This is a community partnership with the US Department of Agriculture and program sponsors. The program serves 33 campuses and in 2013-14 31,059 individual meals were provided.